W. W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm specializing in the fields of water resources, water rights, dams, and water conveyance. Our professional practice is focused on water systems that are needed to sustain our nation’s human and wildlife populations and natural resources. For over a half century, we have successfully provided quality engineering services to agricultural, mining, energy, private, non-profit, industrial, and government clients.

Water Resources
And Water rights

W. W. Wheeler & Associates has completed hundreds of water rights engineering projects including change of use cases, augmentation plans, and water rights valuations. We also provide a suite of water resources services from surface water hydrology and groundwater analyses to water supply and water conservation studies.
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With hundreds of dam engineering projects completed in more than 25 different states, W. W. Wheeler & Associates provides extensive experience in the planning, design, evaluation, construction, and operation of dams. Our engineers are experienced in dam rehabilitation and enlargement as well as planning, permitting, designing, and constructing new water storage projects.
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The staff at W. W. Wheeler & Associates specializes in the design, evaluation, and construction of water conveyance systems. Through our depth of experience, we offer a broad range of design expertise ranging from pipelines, penstocks, and pump stations to open channels, levees, and diversion structures.State-of-the-art computer software and GIS modeling is used to evaluate complex problems.
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Water Resources & Water Rights
Water Rights Studies
Water Supply Planning
Water Rights Valuation
Augmentation Plans
Expert Witness Testimony
Water Conservation Planning
Surface Water Hydrology
Well Permitting
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Dam Design and Construction
Spillways and Outlet Works
Hazard Classifications
Inflow Design Flood Hydrology
Dam Safety Evaluation
Dam Breach Inundation Mapping
Dam Safety Training
Risk Assessments
Emergency Action Plans
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Water Conveyance Systems
Pipelines and Penstocks
Pump Stations
Open Channels
Diversion Structures
Floodplain Mapping
Tailing Delivery
Instrumentation and Monitoring
Valves and Gates
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